Spoken From The Heart

Author: Laura Bush
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781439160343
Size: 64.37 MB
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In this brave, beautiful, and deeply personal memoir, Laura Bush, one of our most beloved and private first ladies, tells her own extraordinary story. Born in the boom-and-bust oil town of Midland, Texas, Laura Welch grew up as an only child in a family that lost three babies to miscarriage or infant death. She vividly evokes Midland's brash, rugged culture, her close relationship with her father, and the bonds of early friendships that sustain her to this day. For the first time, in heart-wrenching detail, she writes about the devastating high school car accident that left her friend Mike Douglas dead and about her decades of unspoken grief. When Laura Welch first left West Texas in 1964, she never imagined that her journey would lead her to the world stage and the White House. After graduating from Southern Methodist University in 1968, in the thick of student rebellions across the country and at the dawn of the women's movement, she became an elementary school teacher, working in inner-city schools, then trained to be a librarian. At age thirty, she met George W. Bush, whom she had last passed in the hallway in seventh grade. Three months later, "the old maid of Midland married Midland's most eligible bachelor." With rare intimacy and candor, Laura Bush writes about her early married life as she was thrust into one of America's most prominent political families, as well as her deep longing for children and her husband's decision to give up drinking. By 1993, she found herself in the full glare of the political spotlight. But just as her husband won the Texas governorship in a stunning upset victory, her father, Harold Welch, was dying in Midland. In 2001, after one of the closest elections in American history, Laura Bush moved into the White House. Here she captures presidential life in the harrowing days and weeks after 9/11, when fighter-jet cover echoed through the walls and security scares sent the family to an underground shelter. She writes openly about the White House during wartime, the withering and relentless media spotlight, and the transformation of her role as she began to understand the power of the first lady. One of the first U.S. officials to visit war-torn Afghanistan, she also reached out to disease-stricken African nations and tirelessly advocated for women in the Middle East and dissidents in Burma. She championed programs to get kids out of gangs and to stop urban violence. And she was a major force in rebuilding Gulf Coast schools and libraries post-Katrina. Movingly, she writes of her visits with U.S. troops and their loved ones, and of her empathy for and immense gratitude to military families. With deft humor and a sharp eye, Laura Bush lifts the curtain on what really happens inside the White House, from presidential finances to the 175-year-old tradition of separate bedrooms for presidents and their wives to the antics of some White House guests and even a few members of Congress. She writes with honesty and eloquence about her family, her public triumphs, and her personal tribulations. Laura Bush's compassion, her sense of humor, her grace, and her uncommon willingness to bare her heart make this story revelatory, beautifully rendered, and unlike any other first lady's memoir ever written.

Thoughts Spoken From The Heart

Author: Lolly Daskal
Publisher: Lead from Within Publishing
ISBN: 9780615909431
Size: 64.87 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Lolly Daskal shares with us her thoughts that are spoken from the heart. Lolly has helped thousands lead more successful lives while following the messages of the heart. The wisdom on these pages will empower and encourage you to create success, claim your inner strength, and lead your life with more meaning and heart.

The Pregnant Widow

Author: Martin Amis
Publisher: Knopf Canada
ISBN: 0307366634
Size: 44.31 MB
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The eagerly anticipated new novel from the inimitable Martin Amis. Summer 1970 — a long, hot summer. In a castle in Italy, half a dozen young lives are afloat on the sea of change, trapped inside the history of the sexual revolution. The girls are acting like boys, and the boys are going on acting like boys, and Keith Nearing — twenty years old, a literature student all clogged up with the English novel — is struggling to twist feminism and the rise of women towards his own ends. The sexual revolution may have been a velvet revolution (in at least two senses), but it wasn't bloodless — and now, in the twenty-first century, the year 1970 finally catches up with Keith Nearing. The Pregnant Widow is a comedy of manners and a nightmare, brilliant, haunting and gloriously risqué. It is Martin Amis at his fearless best. From the Hardcover edition.

Spoken From The Heart

Author: Selwyn Hughes
ISBN: 9781853453762
Size: 71.30 MB
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Enjoy Selwyn's engaging style and wonderful sense of humour, learn form his comprehensive biblical knowledge and catch his passion for revival with this collection of his preaching and teaching.

Spoken From The Heart Parenting 101

Author: Cheri Swalwell
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781546629979
Size: 66.16 MB
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Now days it seems as though everyone has an opinion on how you parent... and isn't afraid to share it! If you choose to read the words between these pages, don't expect lectures, how-to guides or magic formulas. Nope. No judgement here. Just one parent to another, sharing my own experiences and the truths that the best parent, the First Parent, our Heavenly Father, has shared with me. Please join me on this adventure of parenting... one of the most rewarding positions in life.

Spoken From The Heart

Author: Cheri Swalwell
ISBN: 9780692654941
Size: 10.57 MB
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Do you know what it means to "choose grace?" Do you ever stop to think about all the times God showers us with His grace? Yes, through unexpected blessings, but more importantly through undeserved salvation. I'm still trying to grasp the full meaning of the word grace in my everyday life. However, I do know this: It comes in many forms, is seen through a variety of people, and God gives us countless opportunities to pass it on to others throughout our lives. Join me on my adventure as I learn to embrace the grace He has given to me and then allow it to overflow to others. I pray that this book will start or continue a dialogue between you and the God of the Universe regarding how much He loves you and wants to bless you with His grace. God doesn't change. He won't force His grace on people, just as He doesn't force humankind to love Him. So how do we experience God's grace for ourselves? The answer is quite simple: We ask and then receive. I would love to have you travel with me as we discover the grace God has waiting for us!

Spoken From The Heart

Author: Cheri L. Swalwell
ISBN: 9780615929286
Size: 19.63 MB
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When faced with difficulties in life or exciting new adventures, we each have a choice. Will you step out in faith or cower in fear? Life can be scary. Sometimes, through no fault of our own, we're forced to deal with unemployment, a devastating health diagnosis, broken relationships, or financial difficulties. Sometimes, we feel God is leading us in a new direction and it can be exciting, but it can also be scary due to uncertainties and wondering if we heard God right. Whatever you are facing right now, know that you have a choice. You can either walk forward with faith in your Heavenly Father and His promise to protect His children, or you can hold back in fear. Join me on my personal journey from living in fear to walking in faith. My journey isn't over, but I offer encouragement to those who are struggling to take the first step, those who have been walking for a while, or those who are ready to give up. The God I serve is a personal God, who lovingly takes care of His children even in the midst of struggles they have to walk through. Think of me as your walking partner on your path as you receive encouragement through my journey.

Spoken From The Heart

Author: Helen D. Burnett
Publisher: Publishamerica Incorporated
ISBN: 9781424171972
Size: 48.88 MB
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Helen was born in Illinois and grew up in the small town of Elwood. With the loss of her father when she was only fourteen years old, she began writing down her feelings. After several years of lifeas ups and downs, she poured her heart out into this collection of poetry.

Spoken From The Heart

Author: Cheri Swalwell
ISBN: 9780692414019
Size: 45.81 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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When you're faced with devastating news, is your first response, "Wow - what an exciting adventure!" When you find yourself in the midst of trials or a challenging season in your life, do you automatically think to respond with happiness or to consider the bad news a blessing? When our family was presented with an impending job loss, my first reaction wasn't joy. It was fear of the unknown. However, God invited me on a journey with Him, a way to choose trust and faith in place of fear and worry. I offer you the chance to come along, not because we're special but because we're ordinary. God used this "adventure" as a way for us to give Him the glory through the ways He prepared my heart ahead of time to remember His reassurance to me that "He had it covered" throughout the months we traveled to discover His many blessings both for us and others along the way to give encouragement to those struggling with their own hard situation When we travel God's plan for our lives His way, while it can be scary at times, He invites us to embrace the adventure ahead while we wait to see what BEST He has for us! One truth I love to repeat: What God's willing to do for me and my family, He's waiting to do and much more for you. I pray you'll be encouraged to ask God what His plan is for your life and then have the courage to embrace your adventure!"