Beaks Bones And Bird Songs

Author: Roger Lederer
Publisher: Timber Press
ISBN: 1604697520
Size: 19.24 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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“Reveals the strange and wondrous adaptations birds rely on to get by.” —National Audubon Society When we see a bird flying from branch to branch happily chirping, it is easy to imagine they lead a simple life of freedom, flight, and feathers. What we don’t see is the arduous, life-threatening challenges they face at every moment. Beaks, Bones, and Bird Songs guides the reader through the myriad, and often almost miraculous, things that birds do every day to merely stay alive. Like the goldfinch, which manages extreme weather changes by doubling the density of its plumage in winter. Or urban birds, which navigate traffic through a keen understanding of posted speed limits. In engaging and accessible prose, Roger Lederer shares how and why birds use their sensory abilities to see ultraviolet, find food without seeing it, fly thousands of miles without stopping, change their songs in noisy cities, navigate by smell, and much more.

Birds Of The Pacific Northwest

Author: John Shewey
Publisher: Timber Press
ISBN: 1604697857
Size: 12.44 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Newest Addition to the Timber Press Field Guide Series Birds of the Pacific Northwest describes and illustrates more than 400 bird species commonly encountered in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and British Columbia. This comprehensive, full-color guide is organized to follow the order in which groups and species are presented by the American Union. Range maps for each species provide valuable information for identification.

Bird Sense

Author: Tim Birkhead
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA
ISBN: 0802779689
Size: 51.42 MB
Format: PDF
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What is it like to be a swift, flying at over one hundred kilometres an hour? Or a kiwi, plodding flightlessly among the humid undergrowth in the pitch dark of a New Zealand night? And what is going on inside the head of a nightingale as it sings, and how does its brain improvise? Bird Sense addresses questions like these and many more, by describing the senses of birds that enable them to interpret their environment and to interact with each other. Our affinity for birds is often said to be the result of shared senses--vision and hearing--but how exactly do their senses compare with our own? And what about a bird's sense of taste, or smell, or touch, or the ability to detect the earth's magnetic field? Or the extraordinary ability of desert birds to detect rain hundreds of kilometres away--how do they do it? Bird Sense is based on a conviction that we have consistently underestimated what goes on in a bird's head. Our understanding of bird behaviour is simultaneously informed and constrained by the way we watch and study them. By drawing attention to the way these frameworks both facilitate and inhibit discovery, Birkhead identifies ways we can escape from them to explore new horizons in bird behaviour. There has never been a popular book about the senses of birds. No one has previously looked at how birds interpret the world or the way the behaviour of birds is shaped by all their senses. A lifetime spent studying birds has provided Tim Birkhead with a wealth of observation and a unique understanding of birds and their behaviour that is firmly grounded in science.

Latin For Birdwatchers

Author: Roger J. Lederer
Publisher: Crows Nest
ISBN: 9781760110642
Size: 25.25 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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In every scientific discipline, there is an official language formed of many words derived from Latin. Ornithology and bird watching are perfect examples. The scientific names of birds define the identity and relationships among the approximately 10,000 known species. 'Latin for Birdwatchers' introduces you to the Latin words used to describe bird species...In addition to over 3000 definitions, the book profiles 12 great ornithologists, looks in depth at 20 bird genera, and contains over 200 beautiful ornithological illustrations...'Latin for Birdwatchers' will enhance your birding experience and make your identification activities easier - not to mention allowing you to impress your fellow birders!

Amazing Bird Facts And Trivia

Author: Roger Lederer
Publisher: Chartwell
ISBN: 0785827587
Size: 67.30 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Amazing Bird Facts and Trivia has over 400 nuggets of information drawn from nature, science, history, and mythology are sure to astound, amuse, and entertain.

Why Birds Matter

Author: Çagan H. Sekercioglu
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 022638277X
Size: 21.23 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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For over one hundred years, ornithologists and amateur birders have jointly campaigned for the conservation of bird species, documenting not only birds’ beauty and extraordinary diversity, but also their importance to ecosystems worldwide. But while these avian enthusiasts have noted that birds eat fruit, carrion, and pests; spread seed and fertilizer; and pollinate plants, among other services, they have rarely asked what birds are worth in economic terms. In Why Birds Matter, an international collection of ornithologists, botanists, ecologists, conservation biologists, and environmental economists seeks to quantify avian ecosystem services—the myriad benefits that birds provide to humans. The first book to approach ecosystem services from an ornithological perspective, Why Birds Matter asks what economic value we can ascribe to those services, if any, and how this value should inform conservation. Chapters explore the role of birds in such important ecological dynamics as scavenging, nutrient cycling, food chains, and plant-animal interactions—all seen through the lens of human well-being—to show that quantifying avian ecosystem services is crucial when formulating contemporary conservation strategies. Both elucidating challenges and providing examples of specific ecosystem valuations and guidance for calculation, the contributors propose that in order to advance avian conservation, we need to appeal not only to hearts and minds, but also to wallets.

Where Song Began

Author: Tim Low
Publisher: Yale University Press
ISBN: 0300221665
Size: 25.29 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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An authoritative and entertaining exploration of Australia's distinctive birds and their unheralded role in global evolution Renowned for its gallery of unusual mammals, Australia is also a land of extraordinary birds. But unlike the mammals, the birds of Australia flew beyond the continent's boundaries and around the globe many millions of years ago. This eye-opening book tells the dynamic but little-known story of how Australia provided the world with songbirds and parrots, among other bird groups, why Australian birds wield surprising ecological power, how Australia became a major evolutionary center, and why scientific biases have hindered recognition of these discoveries. From violent, swooping magpies to tool-making cockatoos, Australia's birds are strikingly different from birds of other lands--often more intelligent and aggressive, often larger and longer-lived. Tim Low, a renowned biologist with a rare storytelling gift, here presents the amazing evolutionary history of Australia's birds. The story of the birds, it turns out, is inseparable from the story of the continent itself and also the people who inhabit it.

One Hundred Birds And How They Got Their Names

Author: Diana Wells
Publisher: Algonquin Books
ISBN: 156512281X
Size: 65.59 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 5829

Provides a short history and illustrations of one hundred common and exotic birds, including the cardinal, goose, bird of paradise, and the flamingo.

Understanding Bird Behaviour

Author: Stephen Moss
Publisher: New Holland Publishers
ISBN: 9781845374587
Size: 77.86 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 7551

Feeding birds isn't simply a matter of scattering breadcrumbs and a couple of bacon rinds on the lawn, patio or window sill. This book provides the information needed to successfully attract and feed birds in your outdoor space. It also talks about the foodstuffs that attract birds, providing information on which species favour which foods.