Trained to Serve Jesus

Trained to Serve Jesus Author David Trotter
ISBN-10 1935798138
Release 2017-03-22
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"TRAINED TO SERVE JESUS: The Heart and History of Set Free Church and Its Founder Phil Aguilar" is a compilation of one-on-one interviews by David Trotter with key players in the "Set Free Posse" documentary film. Founded in 1982 in Anaheim, California, by Pastor Phil Aguilar and a dozen friends, Set Free Church became a haven for bikers, black sheep, and recovering drug addicts seeking to be 'set free' from the challenges of life. With a no-nonsense approach to faith and leadership, Pastor Phil and his team started with Sunday services but quickly expanded through karate and exercise classes, free food and clothing distribution, biker ministry, and street outreaches with rapping and hip hop dancers. With thousands attending raucous services each weekend in downtown Anaheim, over 400 Set Free disciples lived in commune-style homes within walking distance of the church. A weekly program was televised on Trinity Broadcasting Network and over 100 independent Set Free churches started around the globe. As the Set Free movement was rapidly expanding, rumors of cultish leadership, sexual misconduct, and financial improprieties emerged among disgruntled members who reached out to Pastor Oden Fong of Calvary Chapel and cult experts across the nation. Through exclusive interviews with the Aguilar family and key historical players, follow the highs and lows of Pastor Phil's life and ministry as well as the Set Free movement.

Churches that Abuse

Churches that Abuse Author Ronald M. Enroth
ISBN-10 0310532922
Release 1993
Pages 253
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This book warns and informs readers about the fringe churches and groups that operate with abusive styles, creating emotional and spiritual perils for their adherents.

How to Rebuild the Small Block Ford

How to Rebuild the Small Block Ford Author George Reid
ISBN-10 9781932494891
Release 2008
Pages 144
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This revised and updated color edition of How to Rebuild the Small-Block Ford walks you step by step through a rebuild, including: planning your rebuild, disassembly and inspection, choosing the right parts, machine work, assembling your engine, and first firing and break-in.

Twisted Roots

Twisted Roots Author Carlos Alberto Montaner
ISBN-10 9780875862033
Release 2003
Pages 190
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Examining the historical and cultural influences that have shaped Latin America, this syndicated international journalist and author suggests that they have made it into the most impoverished, unstable and backward region in the Western world."An indispen.

The God Factor

The God Factor Author Cathleen Falsani
ISBN-10 9781429930383
Release 2006-03-07
Pages 288
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When religion reporter Cathleen Falsani climbed aboard Bono's tour bus, it was to interview the rock start about AIDS awareness. Instead, they plunged into a lively discussion about faith. "This is a defining moment for us," Bono said. "For the culture we live in." Spirituality clearly now plays a key role in the United States. But what is also clear is that faith is a more complex issue than snapshots of the country convey. Jesus. Buddha. Kabbalah. Angels. This may be a nation of believers but not of one belief—of many. To shape a candid picture of modern faith, Falsani sat down with an array of people who shape our culture, and in turn, our collective consciousness. She's talked about Jesus with Anne Rice; explored "Playboy theology" with Hugh Hefner; discussed evil with crusading attorney Barry Scheck, and heaven with Senator Barack Obama. Laura Esquivel, basketball star Hakeem Olajuwon, Studs Terkel, guru Iyanla Vanzant, rockers Melissa Etheridge and Annie Lennox, economist Jeffrey Sachs, Pulitzer-winning playwright John Patrick Shanley—all opened up to her. The resulting interviews, more than twenty-five in all, offer a fresh, occasionally controversial, and always illuminating look at the beliefs that shape our lives. THE GOD FACTOR is a book for the believers, the seekers, as well as the merely curious among us. Included are interviews with Sherman Alexie, Bono, Dusty Baker, Sandra Bernhard, Sandra Cisneros, Billy Corgan, Kurt Elling, Laura Esquivel, Melissa Etheridge, Jonathan Safran Foer, Mike Gerson, Seamus Heaney, Hugh Hefner, Dr. Henry Lee, Annie Lennox, David Lynch, John Mahoney, Mark Morris, Mancow Muller, Senator Barack Obama, Hakeem Olajuwon, Harold Ramis, Anne Rice, Tom Robbins, Russell Simmons, Jeffrey Sachs , Barry Scheck, John Patrick Shanley , The Reverend Al Sharpton, Studs Terkel, Iyanla Vanzant, and Elie Wiesel.

Blood of the Prophets

Blood of the Prophets Author Will Bagley
ISBN-10 0806136391
Release 2004
Pages 493
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Describes the massacre of a wagon train by Mormon militiamen and their Native American allies at a lowland creek called Mountain Meadows.

Managing Your Ewe

Managing Your Ewe Author Laura Lawson
ISBN-10 096339231X
Release 1993
Pages 339
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Managing Your Ewe has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Managing Your Ewe also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Managing Your Ewe book for free.

Encyclopedia of American Religion and Politics

Encyclopedia of American Religion and Politics Author Paul A. Djupe
ISBN-10 9781438130200
Release 2014-07-01
Pages 529
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Presents an encyclopedia of religion and politics in America including short biographies of important political and religious figures like Ralph Abernathy, civil rights leader, and Ralph Waldo Emerson, writer, and synopses of religious entities like the Branch Davidians and the Episcopal church as well as important court cases of relevancy like Epperson et al. v. Arkansas having to do with evolution.

The Prayer Saturated Church

The Prayer Saturated Church Author Cheryl Sacks
ISBN-10 9781617479533
Release 2014-02-27
Pages 288
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The Prayer-Saturated Church provides step-by-step, practical help for mobilizing, organizing, and motivating believers to make their church a house of prayer. Written by a veteran prayer leader with hands-on experience in local church prayer, The Prayer-Saturated Church will enable any church to take prayer to the next level. The print version comes with a CD that contains printable forms—publicity templates, sign-up applications, prayer guides, and more—to promote, encourage, and energize your congregation toward more prayer.

The Templars and the Assassins

The Templars and the Assassins Author James Wasserman
ISBN-10 9781594778735
Release 2001-04-01
Pages 320
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• An examination of the interactions of the Christian Knights Templar and their Muslim counterparts, the Assassins, and of the profound changes in Western society that resulted. • Restores the reputation of the secret Muslim order of the Assassins, disparaged as the world's first terrorist group. • Dispels many myths about the Knights Templar and provides the most incisive portrait of them to date. A thousand years ago Christian battled Muslim for possession of a strip of land upon which both their religions were founded. These Crusades changed the course of Western history, but less known is the fact that they also were the meeting ground for two legendary secret societies: The Knights Templar and their Muslim counterparts, the Assassins. In The Templars and the Assassins: The Militia of Heaven, occult scholar and secret society member James Wasserman provides compelling evidence that the interaction of the Knights Templar and the Assassins in the Holy Land transformed the Templars from the Pope's private army into a true occult society, from which they would sow the seeds of the Renaissance and the Western Mystery Tradition. Both orders were destroyed as heretical some seven hundred years ago, but Templar survivors are believed to have carried the secret teachings of the East into an occult underground, from which sprang both Rosicrucianism and Masonry. Assassin survivors, known as Nizari Ismailis, flourish to this day under the spiritual leadership of the Aga Khan. Wasserman strips the myths from both groups and penetrates to the heart of their enlightened beliefs and rigorous practices, delivering the most probing picture yet of these holy warriors.

Indigenous Storywork

Indigenous Storywork Author Jo-Ann Archibald
ISBN-10 9780774858175
Release 2008-06-01
Pages 192
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Jo-ann Archibald worked closely with Coast Salish Elders and storytellers, who shared both traditional and personal life-experience stories, in order to develop ways of bringing storytelling into educational contexts. Indigenous Storywork is the result of this research and it demonstrates how stories have the power to educate and heal the heart, mind, body, and spirit. It builds on the seven principles of respect, responsibility, reciprocity, reverence, holism, interrelatedness, and synergy that form a framework for understanding the characteristics of stories, appreciating the process of storytelling, establishing a receptive learning context, and engaging in holistic meaning-making.


Stuntology Author Sam Bartlett
ISBN-10 1885387091
Release 2002-01-01
Pages 132
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A collection of cartoons that defines and studies the concept of the "stunt, " a fun but otherwise useless human activity meant to amuse, titillate or dupe others. The stunts are harmless, the illustrations whimsical, the tone cheeky and vaguely scientific.

The Jew as Legitimation

The Jew as Legitimation Author David J. Wertheim
ISBN-10 3319426001
Release 2017-02-07
Pages 304
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This book traces the historical phenomenon of “the Jew as Legitimation.” Contributors discuss how Jews have been used, through time, to validate non-Jewish beliefs. The volume dissects the dilemmas and challenges this pattern has presented to Jews. Throughout history, Jews and Judaism have served to legitimize the beliefs of Gentiles. Jews functioned as Augustine’s witnesses to the truth of Christianity, as Christian Kabbalist’s source for Protestant truths, as an argument for the enlightened claim for tolerance, as the focus of modern Christian Zionist reverence, and as a weapon of contemporary right wing populism against fears of Islamization. This volume challenges understandings of Jewish-Gentile relations, offering a counter-perspective to discourses of antisemitism and philosemitism.

It s Time for Your Comeback

It s Time for Your Comeback Author Tim Storey
ISBN-10 1577940067
Release 1998
Pages 244
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Bursting with hope and encouragement for those in the midst of adversity, It's Time for Your Comeback! will breath resurrection-life into dreams that have died! Tim Storey grabs readers with his bold and courageous style and gives them the champion ideas to overcome every setback with the power of God.

Emotional Virtue

Emotional Virtue Author Sarah Swafford
ISBN-10 0991375459
Release 2014-12-20
Pages 176
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Drama-free relationships...Do they exist? Today's dating scene is more complicated than ever, especially with social media, texting, and the endless pressure of the world's expectations. How can men and women overcome the interior and exterior battles and discover the love they desire? From "Hey" to "I do" - as well as the inevitable "gray areas" along the way - Emotional Virtue offers a compelling blueprint for how to thrive in every stage of a relationship - not just survive.

Start Something to End Trafficking

Start Something to End Trafficking Author David Trotter
ISBN-10 1935798111
Release 2014-12-24
Pages 128
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You're aware of human trafficking. Now what? Whether you're passionate about ending forced labor or sex trafficking, you can start "something" - a project, event, campaign, or organization - to help end trafficking in our world. You have the ability to rally friends, family, or your entire community to accomplish something world-changing. Whether it's putting on a fundraiser, hosting an awareness event, launching a new initiative at your university, or starting a fair trade business, you have access to all the resources you need to get started. Do you believe that? I do. Designed for college students, 20-somethings, and anyone passionate to help end human trafficking: Introduction - Don't Get Stuck in Traffick Chapter 1 - Why Do You Want to Start Something Chapter 2 - What Are You Trying to Accomplish? Chapter 3 - How to Launch a PROJECT Chapter 4 - How to Host an EVENT Chapter 5 - How to Raise Money Through a CAMPAIGN Chapter 6 - How to Start an ORGANIZATION Chapter 7 - Recruit and Motivate Your Team Chapter 8 - Market Your Something Chapter 9 - Refine, Replicate, Rejuvenate Through an easy to follow process and inspiring real-life examples, you'll be equipped and motivated to get started right away.

Good Idea Or God Idea

Good Idea Or God Idea Author Tim Storey
ISBN-10 088419356X
Release 1994-01-01
Pages 177
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Good Idea Or God Idea has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Good Idea Or God Idea also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Good Idea Or God Idea book for free.